Thursday, June 21, 2012

Useless Clatter...New Category: "After Thoughts"

      “After Thoughts” is a new category I have decided to begin here at FILMclatter.  My first post dealing with the recently viewed movie Eyes Without A Face [1960] will follow within the next few days.  The idea for this new category is fairly simple- at any point during my viewing experience, there always seems to be one aspect of the production that stands out and sticks with my throughout the film’s end and well after that.  This facet can come as early as the opening credits or as late as the movie’s final shot and it can be just about anything in between.  Even if Humphrey Bogart stands before me in the middle of the frame smoking a cigarette, I might catch something as miniscule as the hanging picture behind him or the lighting above his head and find it more interesting.  After Thoughts is where I get to discuss these small instances, within the boundless restraints of this blog. 
      Although I must foreworn, these posts will inadvertently contain spoilers and explain elements of the movie in specific detail. So if you have not seen the movie, I would recommend that you put these posts on hold and wait to read them until after watching the movie because we all know there is no greater tragedy than a spoiled movie. The point of this category is to pick out, analyze and come to understanding of why this particular piece of the movie stuck out to me and what it might mean in the greater scope of the film. But if all else fails and I can come to no certain resolution, After Thoughts will lend me the space to vent about this particular mind-numbing element of the movie- but I would rather not waste everyone’s time. So hopefully After Thoughts can serve as a productive column for both you and me. As it can allow me to therapeutically release my stifling thoughts on the matter, hopefully it will also give other readers (viewers of the film) a chance to explore an idea of the movie they might not have noticed in their own viewing maybe even learn a thing or two and in the end join in on the never ending discussion of movies.


  1. You've gotta love when Lauren Bacall holds a glass in that way!

    ok, I would appreciate you write "spoiler" in the "After Thoughts" then

    Will you be reviewing Moonrise Kingdom? I see it's on your "watched" sidebar...

  2. That's a good idea- I will add 'spoilers' on the title. Not everyone will come across this post and get the warning and like I said there's no worse crime than a spoiled movie! Thanks for the input.

    You caught me on Moonrise Kingdom. I've been pretty busy the past few weeks and as a result temporarily disappeared from the blogosphere. I actually did write up a few notes and started a rough review for Moonrise Kingdom but I was going to shelf it because I'm lazy and started watching other movies. However, at your request, I will revive it and finish the post. I'll try to have it up within the next few days. Thanks for asking!