Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Useless Clatter...[Hear This...]David Lynch Remixes Zola Jesus' "In Your Nature"

This is a post I wrote for my music blog TUNEclatter, and aside from it being a song, I fgured it carried some film relevance worth reposting.

       To give comparison, Zola Jesus sounds sort of like Adele.  They both have generally deep voices and have the ability to belt it out in their songs, screaming with the perfect pitch.  Adele maybe arguably the most popular female vocalist out right now, but Zola Jesus might not be too far behind.  Her song “In Your Nature” sounds like an avant Florence + the Machine track, only sung by Adele, not to say that Zola is just a copy of these two because she’s not. 
      More importantly, a remixed version has recently been created by legendary auteur David Lynch.  One of my favorite filmmakers, David Lynch is a true artist and one of the best of our time.  Mostly recognized as the creator of such cult favorites like ErasherheadBlue Velvet and the hit show Twin Peaks, David Lynch has also established himself as a paintermusician and even furniture designer.
      His remix of Zola Jesus’ song “In Your Nature” is really something.  I’m almost never a fan of remixes, but in this case I find myself preferring the remix over the original.  It was a close call but I got to hand it to David Lynch for creating this.  It’s not the kind of remix that is sped up and with a faster bass pedal where the chorus is just repeated 10 times or something.  This remix is nothing of that sort; Lynch actually slows the song down.  What really works for this song and gives it its success is the minimalist approach Lynch took while working with the song.  Combined with those Florence and Adele elements, Lynch’s small touch gives the song a mystical sort of dreamy feel to it.  I could see it as a perfect ending to one of his surrealist films from back in the 80s.  Like if Blue Velvet had some sort of warm, reassuring ending

Zola Jesus- In Your Nature (original)

David Lynch - In Your Nature (Zola Jesus remixed)

+If you're not familiar with the film work of David Lynch it is definitely worth the mind-boggling look
Eraserhead (1977)
The Elephant Man (1980)
Blue Velvet (1986)
Muholland Drive (2001)

+ David Lynch's wikipedia page

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