Monday, March 12, 2012

Useless Clatter...Formation Scene from 'The Tree of Life'

      From The Tree of Life- This was an unplanned post until I accidentally came across the video while searching for the new Beach House song. (How that happened, I have no idea.)  It’s a scene from Terrence Malick’s 2011 film, The Tree of Life.  If you have not seen it, then you have definitely heard about. That conversation could have either classified the film as an elegant masterpiece or as a pretentious, metaphysical waste of time- and that’s without discussing the dinosaurs.  Anyways, hate it or love, The Tree of Life will always be remembered on either one of these grounds and that same debate will probably keep that title in circulation for some years to come.
         The video posted below is a segment from the film where Malick depicts the creation of the world, or at least, that’s what we think it is.  I would say that we are all probably doing this movie an injustice by watching its most visually intense sequence on a tiny computer screen but oh well, better than nothing I guess.
      If you’ve seen the movie, then you probably remember this scene as the point where you begin to question everything- What the hell is going on? Who is that whispering? Where did Sean Penn go?  These questions were swarming my mind and as the opera grew to that thunderous crescendo half way into the video while I was bombarded with these images on the IMAX screen, I was certain my head was going to explode.
      If you never saw the movie and only heard all the fuss about the film,then here’s your chance to for a quick glance at what they’re all talking about.  Sure there is more to the movie than a bunch of existential, mind boggling swirls from space, but to me, this was what really defined the movie for me and set it apart from any other movie I had ever scene.  Check it out- no spoilers, I promise. (if its even possible)


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