Friday, March 2, 2012

Reel News..."Men in Black III" Trailer & Stills

      The ten year hiatus will finally come to an end this May for Men in Black fans everywhere.  After 10 whole years, the series will release its third and possibly final film in a couple of months.  There's not much too say about the movie that can't be picked up on by watching the trailer.  Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith take up their roles as Agent K and Agent J as they continue to monitor the world's alien population.  Not much different than the previous two films, until Agent J must go back in time to they year 1969 to team up with the younger Agent K, who is played Josh Brolin, and save the world.  For someone who constantly holds the fate of the world in his hands, Agent K (Smith) looks no less calm and cool as before; but it'll be interesting to see him have to work with the younger Agent J in 1969.  Looking at the movie poster, I'd say its just about perfect casting having Josh Brolin play the younger character of Tommy Lee Jones, they look almost identical in those glasses.  It should allow for plenty of jokes as we all should expect.
      All in all, for someone who grew up with these movies always on hand, I'm excited for this third installment.  I've been reading everywhere that 2011 was dubbed as the year of nostalgia for the cinema  with movies like The Artist and Hugo giving us a glimpse of the golden era of Hollywood movies among other nostalgic films.  While I'm far too young to get that feeling when watching The Artist, I did grow up watching Will Smith saving the world from aliens in both Men in Black and Independence Day [which is long over due for a sequel], so this should be a good treat.
+ Check out the trailer for the new movie below or catch up on the previous two by clicking on the respective trailer links.  Also I found a handful of stills from the movie courtesy of Yahoo Movies. Enjoy!

Men In Black [1997] trailer                                                        Men in Black II [2002] trailer                                         

Men in Black III movie stills-


  1. It's really been 10 years since Men in Black 2? It doesn't feel that long ago.

    1. I know, I was thinking that too. Probably because their always on TV and stuff